Language is a communication tool between people – learning foreign
languages with real native speakers is more fun and effective!

Haive connects native speakers around the world with language
learners, creating a network where people can follow each other
and discover a radically new way of learning languages!
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Enjoy videos from foreigners, follow their everyday lives and learn vocabulary and grammar along the way!
Daily learning is the key to mastering a language. Yet, many language learning apps quickly become boring. With Haive, you can learn languages with entertaining videos made by real native speakers.
Help others learn your native
language by uploading short videos of you and your
everyday life!
Your native language is a gift. For others, speaking your native language might be the skill they always wanted. Create short videos for them and Haive’s algorithms will automatically add a transcript.
Our transcript algorithms are really powerful, but nothing beats a native human speaker. Help AI improve translations!
Help revise video transcripts and give feedback to video creators so that the Haive language community always has access to the highest- quality language content.

How it works

Take a short video,
speaking your native
Haive automatically creates a transcript of your video content
Users proofread and revise the language transcript of videos
Help each other
complete the transcripts
to video content